Jun 30, 2012

{Friday Phone Dump}

on Saturday. Oops. This girl keeps me busy.

Nick insisted I call it "Saturday Shutter Bomb" haha what? 
Either way... here are the latest pictures from my phone.
 {Smiles all day long -- Can't get enough of her}

 {Emmy being Emmy -- Staring deep in to your soul -- Seriously she has been this way since the day she was born}

 {Couldn't stop staring at the tables at Firehouse Subs}

 {Don't be fooled -- This is only a half smile -- The other half is telling me she is pooping}

{Already a good girl loving her vegetables}

{Already a naughty girl livin on the edge -- Seriously she scoots herself to the edge of the crib every nap -- Drives me nuts}

{Waking up after 30 minute naps all the time now -- At least she wakes up happy}

 {Showing off her tricks -- Strong girl}

{Will she have blue eyes or brown? We will see -- I'm betting brown}

 {Paying bills with daddy}

 {Always on my lap or in my arms -- Always}

 {Or in her crib -- Obviously, since almost every picture I post is of her laying in her crib}

{Nick was trying to coax her into taking a nap with him -- If only it was that easy}


Terry said...

I love looking at every one of those pictures. She is so darling. Those eyes! I'm betting blue.

Emily Porter said...

she is so cute...i love that outfit in the last picture!