Jul 13, 2012

{Friday Phone Dump}

{So happy she likes Sunday after church naps as much as I do}

{Sunday after church snack -- My favorite combonation}

 {Wilco @ Red Butte Gardens}

{It was great to have some free time away from the babe -- Thanks Chris & Erica}

{Love my Kelsey}

{It was such a great night dancing and singing to some of my favorite songs}

{We made our way to St. George last weekend -- Best place on the planet}

{Emmy took her first dip in a swimming pool thanks to Aunt Julie}

{I think she loved every second of it}

{Too hot to do anything but swim}

{I hope someday Emmy will need me as much as I need my mom}

{Nick and I went out for a night drive -- Had to drive past this beauty}

{I love when she just lays next to me and cuddles}

{Look at those eyes -- I'm obsessed}

{Big smiles all the time}

{Baby girl is finally putting on some weight -- Mostly in her chin}

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