Nov 30, 2011

{1st Trimester}

Sorry. I don't write. I love my husband's writing much more than my own. So... I take pictures instead. I know I need to be better at documenting my pregnancy. EVERYONE tells me this. So here is my pathetic attempt to recap my first trimester... in pictures.
Most of my days during my first trimester were spent just like this... laying anywhere and everywhere. 
 All day long.
Basically just staring at the wall or the out the window concentrating on not throwing up.

 Foods I may never be able to eat again:
chicken broccoli soup
Certain kinds of pizza... even thinking about it makes me nauseous.
And potstickers from Costco... YUCK!

Food I never got sick of:
Fruit Loops... seriously this was our dishwasher about every two days.
Sweets. I doubt Ill ever get sick of sweets. I'm doomed.
Hot dogs specifically J-Dawgs
Mmm... and coconut cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy or 25 Main

Nick & I at his family reunion in Loa. 
Yes, I went camping during my first trimester. And I felt great for the two days we were there. Not sure if it was the fresh air or what but it was nice to feel good for a couple days.

My families Disneyland trip fell right at the end of my first trimester so I was mostly feeling better. We had so much fun... even if Nick had to go on all the rides without me :(
Disneyland video coming soon...

 I hate this picture. But its the only side angle one i got in between 6 and 18 weeks... oops.

I realize pregnancy posts are the most boring posts for your average person to read. So just know I am doing this mostly for myself... and maybe my mom :)

Nov 11, 2011

Oh boy, It's a GIRL.

When Ashlee and I found out that we would be having a baby, Ash asked if I would write something about that day. I told her that I would, but haven’t been very timely about it. The problem with measuring pregnancy by the week is that it shows just how many weeks I have procrastinated.  Ashlee is fourteen eighteen weeks into pregnancy, which means I’m about two months late writing this post. That means our baby developed hands and feet faster than I produced this post.

When we found out that Ash was pregnant it was completely unexpected. We were just sitting in the office doing our usual routine. This meant Ash was probably yelling at her monitor thanks to the website Pinterest, and I was finding a way to break my computer. While we were sitting there just out of the blue we decided we should take a pregnancy test. We didn’t have a good reason to take a test. We had taken a bunch of tests towards the beginning of the month and they had all come back negative. As a result we just gave up on the possibility of pregnancy for the month, but for whatever reason we felt inclined to take one now. We didn't have any cups, which are necessary for poor man's pregnancy tests, so we had to go the grocery store to pick some up.
After we got back from the store I had forgotten the reason we went in the first place was so we could take the pregnancy test. I came back and went straight into the kitchen while Ashlee went to take the pregnancy test. I was putting the groceries away when Ash walked back into the kitchen and in a nervous whisper announced, “I’m pregnant.”

I couldn’t believe it. I honestly didn't believe it was a possibility so my first response was a skeptical one. I had to ask if she was certain she followed the directions. She was as skeptical as me so we decided to take another test.

Test number two came back with the same red line.

This still wasn’t enough proof for us. We were examining the red line and trying to determine if it was “red enough”. The next step was for me to consult Google. While I was typing “How accurate are home pregnancy tests” into my computer Ashlee was taking test number three. Google was throwing numbers like 99% percent accurate at me and test number three came back with the same positive results.
You would think that three positive results would be enough to convince us that we were indeed having a baby, but it wasn’t. We decided that we weren’t sure how much we trusted the tests we were taking. They were some cheap ones we bought off the internet so we wanted to get something more reliable, so naturally we went to the dollar store to get different pregnancy tests. And yes -- the fact that we were going to the dollar store to get a higher quality anything should be alarming, but that's how we roll.

After the new pregnancy tests we bought came back positive we were finally beginning to realize that we were having a baby. We were so happy and excited we didn't know what to do with ourselves. We ended up just huddled together on the bed holding on to each other, alternating between laughing and crying just from the joy of it. What made the moment even more memorable was while we were lying there Ashlee's iPod which has 15,000+  songs randomly selected the song Shelter by Ray Lamontagne, the song we had our first dance to at our wedding. The song was followed by one of the best love songs there is.. Spirit On The Water by Bob Dylan. It made the moment unforgettable, we just stayed lying there while the music played.
We have had a few doctors appointments since we found out about the pregnancy. Just a couple of weeks ago we had our second ultrasound and found out that we would be having a girl. We absolutely love the ultrasound appointments. It's so fun to see the baby even if they aren't exactly cute quite yet. We have the ultrasound picture's hanging from our fridge and it's amazing how easy it is to get lost in a daydream staring at them. I'll be brushing my teeth and I'll walk into the kitchen and just go through every ultrasound picture and begin imagining what she will be like. It's funny how much you can love someone that isn't even the size of a grapefruit.