Nov 30, 2011

{1st Trimester}

Sorry. I don't write. I love my husband's writing much more than my own. So... I take pictures instead. I know I need to be better at documenting my pregnancy. EVERYONE tells me this. So here is my pathetic attempt to recap my first trimester... in pictures.
Most of my days during my first trimester were spent just like this... laying anywhere and everywhere. 
 All day long.
Basically just staring at the wall or the out the window concentrating on not throwing up.

 Foods I may never be able to eat again:
chicken broccoli soup
Certain kinds of pizza... even thinking about it makes me nauseous.
And potstickers from Costco... YUCK!

Food I never got sick of:
Fruit Loops... seriously this was our dishwasher about every two days.
Sweets. I doubt Ill ever get sick of sweets. I'm doomed.
Hot dogs specifically J-Dawgs
Mmm... and coconut cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy or 25 Main

Nick & I at his family reunion in Loa. 
Yes, I went camping during my first trimester. And I felt great for the two days we were there. Not sure if it was the fresh air or what but it was nice to feel good for a couple days.

My families Disneyland trip fell right at the end of my first trimester so I was mostly feeling better. We had so much fun... even if Nick had to go on all the rides without me :(
Disneyland video coming soon...

 I hate this picture. But its the only side angle one i got in between 6 and 18 weeks... oops.

I realize pregnancy posts are the most boring posts for your average person to read. So just know I am doing this mostly for myself... and maybe my mom :)


erica said...

1. you are a beauty
2. i do love nick's posts - but i love yours as please keep them coming.
3. i can almost feel/taste the pregnancy sickness in that picture of you laying on the ground. the worst feeling ever.
4. seriously pizza made you nauseous?
pizza is pretty much the ONLY thing i could eat with both pregnancies. mainly the nasty cardboard kind like tonys pizza or tostinos. ha.
5. don't get me started on how i feel about sweets. who can live without them?...and be happy. :)
6. CANNOT wait for the disneyland video. can we please go back? tomorrow?
7. i see nothing wrong with the last picture. you found some green jeans! love them.
8. lastly. i may be the minority, but i LOVE pregnancy posts. even complete strangers.
so you can imagine how i feel about this one.
please don't stop.

love you...and that baby girl.
the end.

Madsen Updates said...

I agree with erica.
I LOVE pregnancy posts..especially yours!!
Please, please keep them coming. You'll be glad you did. I promise!! So will your baby girl.
You are BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. I love every pic.
I want your green pants.
I miss you and want to hang out asap...please?

brighton said...

you are the cutest pregnant girl ever and i haven't seen you in way too long!! so yes, keep the posts coming please!

Terry said...

I can't believe my baby is having a baby. love you

Emily Porter said...

i basically quote the above comment, except..."I can't believe my BABE is having a BABE" :)

you're so darling, hang in there! Especially the last I'm trying to do. Can our daughters be best babes?