Jun 8, 2012


Emmy spent the first half of week one in the NICU. Poor girl had an infection and was breathing too fast. As you can see I didnt take too many pictures in that depressing place. Of course I am now wishing I did so I have it documented but my mind was somewhere else. It's heartbreaking having to leave the hospital without your baby. And even more heartbreaking to walk in and see your baby laying alone in an incubator with an IV in her head.


At first they told us it was probably going to be a week. But this little girl is a tough one and made it out of there in three days.

I couldn't leave without snapping a quick picture of the dreaded sinks. Every time we visited the NICU we were required to wash our hands for five minutes. Five minutes may not seem like that long of a time, but when you are staring at a white wall just scrubbing your hands it feels like forever. Nick would complain that he wasn't even sure if his showers lasted for five minutes so he wasn't sure what they expected him to do for five minutes on just his hands. On days when we would visit her multiple times we would end up spending a good half hour of our day just washing our hands. The worst part was there was no cutting the time short. Right as you turned the faucet on a timer would begin to count up to five minutes in big red lettering. My skin is still in the process of recovering.

We were so excited to finally have her home.

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