Jun 22, 2012

Emmy Lately

Emmy started her week off with her two month doctor's appointment. I had been dreading this day. The thought of watching her get poked with needles just made me want to cry. I made Nick come to the appointment with me for moral support. Our appointment was during Emmy’s usual nap time, and when she doesn’t get her sleep she is not a happy baby. When the doctor came to examine her she was balling. He told us at least we knew she had a healthy pair of lungs. We had a long list of questions for him -- most of which were probably ridiculous. The answer to almost every question we had was basically “your baby is normal”. He did prescribe Emmy some medicine for acid reflux though.
Its strange giving your little baby medicine. You almost feel like a bad parent for “medicating” your child, but at the same time you want what is best for them. If I can give her something that is going to make her feel more comfortable I want to.
After the doctor came in it was time to wait for the nurse. We had gotten Emmy to calm down and she was about to fall asleep on Nick’s shoulder when the nurse came in and slammed the door -- which scared Emmy and got her screaming again. We laid her down and I held onto her while she got her shots. We were amazed how quickly they gave the shots.  It was 3 shots in a matter of seconds. While Emmy certainly didn’t enjoy them, she didn’t scream any worse than she does when she is taken out of a bath. The whole thing wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought. Although we couldn’t help but feel bad for her every time we saw the pink bandages on her legs. The entire experience wore her out and she slept a lot the rest of the day.

She is in the .56 percentile in weight for length. I need to fatten this girl up. I want a little ham running around soon.

Emmy is starting to really snort. Since the day she was born she has had a little bit of a snort when she cried and I just assumed it would go away with time but it’s actually just getting worse. Now anytime after she has been upset she will just snort for a minute or so afterwards. We’re going to use it to our advantage -- think how impressed people will be when I ask my two month old baby what a piggy says and she begins snorting.

She is starting to become very smiley in the mornings and after every nap. Its the cutest thing. She will just open her eyes and give a big smile when Nick or I go to pick her up.

Emmy doesn’t seem to care much about momentum. She will have a really good day and we will think that maybe the time has come for things to get a little easier. That is never the case. It seems that every good day is followed by a bad day.

Somehow any night there is something that we are excited to watch on TV she will have a complete breakdown. Thank goodness for TiVo. I’d hate to miss my guilty pleasure Bachelorette night.

Have you ever seen a child hate walks? Neither had I. But mine sure does. HATES them. But I still try. Every day. And she screams and screams. Every time.

Grandma came to visit. Emmy did pretty good the whole time she was here and I was so glad. We miss her lots and can’t wait till she comes again.

Emmy is a pretty good sleeper at night. She wakes up a few times and needs some help falling back asleep sometimes but for the most part she is really starting to understand the difference between day and night and I am so grateful. She usually goes to bed at 8:00. We dream feed her at 10:00 and then she usually doesn’t need to eat again until about 4:00. Then most of the time she will sleep again until at least 6:00... sometimes 7:00 and a few happy mornings she slept until 8:00! I can already tell though that this girl is going to be an early riser and that’s ok with me.

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