Jun 15, 2012

{Friday Phone Dump}

{My little Giraffe}
 {Loving our night time walks that are now ruined by a baby who hates them}

 {Silly girl hates to sleep during the day}

 {Bedtime routine}
 {I about died when she did this -- Cutest thing ever}

 {Before & after of part of our yard -- There are more flowers now though}

 {Outside cuddle time -- I know I shouldn't need a blanket over me in June -- I miss St. George}

 {Preparation for my favorite holiday}

 {Quincy came to visit -- He grew up so fast}

 {Tired girl after getting her shots -- She was so tough -- More on that to come}

 {Big smiles for daddy}

 {This is how she looks when she wakes up from her naps lately}

{This is how she looks fifteen minutes later}

{I guess Nick is determined to make her love Giraffes}


erica said...

I'm really going to like Friday Phone dump :)

Emily Porter said...

she has the most beautiful eyes