Jun 9, 2010

Wedding Video

Ashlee and I finally got around to watching our wedding video. It turned out really well our videographer did a great job. I had no idea they were actually recording video the entire night. The cameras they were using were just DSLR's so if during the video you notice me staring straight at the camera, it's in an attempt to figure out who these people were taking pictures us and exactly why they wanted us to "walk slowly" towards them.

(double click on it to make it big)

Nick & Ash Wedding Video from Nick Chappell on Vimeo.


erica said...

omg. omg. seriously the best wedding video i've ever seen.
i love it.

Linds said...

that was a great little video--i was so bummed when i couldn't be there--so this was the next best thing.

wish you two happiness and love!

ariana bentz said...

holy holy. you looked so beautiful ashlee. i must be a train wreck because i cried during mle's lucy video and during your wedding video. congratulations.

Jen said...

Watching the video made me cry all over again. Your first blog entry where Nick talks about blogging to brag about how much he loves his wife made me tear up too. I'm too emotional! You guys are the cutest couple ever and I love how sweet and loving you are to each other.

Kristin said...

that. was. amazing.
Seriously. Shawn and I just clapped afterwards. at the same time too. couldn't help it.
love you guys.
i want a copy if they're available.
it is perfect.

AmeeLove said...

Ash I love the video and I love you!!!

brighton said...

glad you guys are updating! this was so well done, your wedding was beautiful

Ally + Blake said...

This totally made me cry. What a beautiful wedding!