Aug 10, 2012

{Friday Phone Dump}

{This is how most of our walks end up now a days -- Emmy hates strollers}

{Her smiles make everyone else smile}

 {I swear I don't have her in the same outfit everyday}

 {Dinner with girlfriends}

 {Concert time}

{Josh Ritter -- The happiest performer there ever was}



 {We love Saturday mornings}

 {Church with my girl}

 {Emmy's first trip to Happy Sumo}

 {One of my eyes and one of Nicks? -- Maybe}

 {Nick sure knows how to plant a good garden}

 {Cousin Sawyer}

 {Cousin Grace}

 {On my nightly drive I like to take pictures of sunsets}



{And more toys}

 {... As long as Mama or Daddy are close by}

 {Nick made me}

 {This is what I see when I wake up in the morning -- Usually about 5:30AM}

{Fire sunset}

 {Emmy's blessing outfit -- More to come from that beautiful day}

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