Jul 17, 2011

"Sun a shout, the breeze a sigh."

Nick and I made it to St George for a quick weekend getaway. No one was in town except for my Dad so I had the chance to show Nick the true St George experience. Well, most of it... We didn't get to hang out at FrostTop or cruise the Vard, but other then that we made it to a lot of of my favorite places. 
 We went downtown right when we got there. I didn't think St George could get any more adorable, but the new carousel and the movie on Main Street proved me wrong.  
 (These are my phone pics from the trip) 

Our trip downtown was followed by a Harmon's grocery trip and a barbecue for Nick, Kiki, and I in my Moms backyard. Afterwards, we took Kiki for a walk.. the walk quickly turned into a panicked sprint home when a thunderstorm rolled into town. I'm so happy Nick finally got to experience a St. George thunderstorm. He's heard me talk about them way too much and this one did not disappoint. I couldn't resist but to stop to take a few pictures... if only I had my SLR. I was pretty proud of what I captured with my phone though.


The following day we went to my Dad's glass studio to get in touch with our creative side. Unfortunately it was shortly after that we realized our creative side was a little lacking. We both made our own piece of glass and then combined our talents to create our glass replica of St George. It was a blast and we already can't wait to try it out again.

We ended our night with a trip to Springdale where we had dinner with my Dad & Terri. We went to the Patten family favorite the Bit & Spur. The weather couldn't have been any better. We were able to sit out on the patio with the rain falling all around us. 
It was beautiful.
After dinner Nick and I went to the O.C. Tanner Amphitheater for some Bluegrass. It was no Randy Anderson concert :) but it was a lot of fun

I love this town.


erica said...

Pkay I just left a long comment and I'm afraid it got deleted. If not go ahead and delete one of them cause I had a lot to say.

First off, we were destined to be sisters. Once again another twin outfit :) picked up that striped tank the other day and love it!

I'm dying over the new carousel...its seriously so darling. My family is dying for ivy to get down there.

So glad that nick finally got to experience stg goodness. Boy it is good :)

Love you guys!

Missy said...

Everything about this post is perfect.

St. George is perfect. These pictures are perfect. I'm so glad Nick got to experience St. George and all it's wonderfulness. Every outsider who's married to an insider should fully experience everything we have to offer.

I love the carousel. I want to go and see it. I miss you so very much. And you look darling in all these pictures. I'm going to have to start asking you for fashion tips! Much love Ash. I seriously love you. Let's chat soon! xoxo

kent and liz said...

This post made me miss you... more than I already do.

mle said...

tell nick that you're my babe but of course you're his wife-babe. just had to get that out there. you look so cute!! And I have to tell you that I have grown to love St. George also...we go down there at least once a week (mostly to Costco and temple) but I really love it! please tell me you will move back there someday?? oh babe, you'd only be 45 min away. I can't even think about it. Anyways, beautiful pictures, beautiful couple. Love you!!

Lauren Casto said...

Man.. I miss St. George. We're headed back for a visit next week and I even get to experience a night of Tuacahn! Can't wait. Love the photos, Ash. You're brilliant with that iPhone! ;)